Emi courses
40 hours

The purpose of the Train-the-Trainer for the Basic Academy is to provide a sound and consistent basis for training instructors to teach foundational concepts of emergency management and entry-level skills in planning, exercises, and public information and warning.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. • Apply learning theory to address the needs of adult learners
  2. • Use effective instructional practices to engage the learner
  3. • Present course content as a subject matter expert
  4. • Facilitate rich discussion and engaging activities to enable learning
  5. • Integrate peer and instructor feedback to improve training skills

Course Overview
This course provides the adult learning theory knowledge, presentation and facilitation skills, and content review needed to be an effective instructor for the Basic Academy courses.

Target Audience
The target audiences for the Basic Academy courses are newly appointed emergency managers or prospective professionals transferring to emergency management from another discipline.

Course Prerequisites

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