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32 hours

The TX DPS Resiliency ProgramTrain the Trainer will enable participants to effectively deliver instruction of TX DPS Resiliency Training.  The instructor candidates will leave with 12 modules that may be broken down into singular blocks of instruction or modified to meet the needs of the agency or region.  The material is designed to improve physical, mental, social, and spiritual resilience through evidence based skills. 


TX DPS Resiliency Domains and Tenets
Domains Mental Physical Social Spiritual
Tenets Awareness Endurance Communication Perserverance
Adaptability Nutrition Connectedness Core Values
Decision Making Recovery Social Support Perspective
Positive Thinking Strength Teamwork Purpose


Topics Include:

1. Fixed growth Mindset: From Undertanding to Implementation

2. Gratitude: How Counting Blessings Builds Resilience

3. ABC: Activating Events- Brain- Consequences- Breaking down what happens and understanding that how our brain interprets events and how it impacts our health and reactions to stress.

4. Check Your Playbook: When the play isn't working, how do we find another one?

5. Balance Your Thinking and Instant Balance Your Thinking: Understanding our Perceptions of events and how our brain takes shortcuts. 

6. Acceptance & Meaning Making: Learn how our biggest struggles in life make us stronger if we can find meaning.  (Post Traumatic Growth)

7. Mindfulness: Learning to be more present has been proven to improve health and resilience.  We will learn to teach simple mindfulness strategies.

8. Physical Resilience-:Nutrition, Strength, Endurance & Recovery.  Understanding how to improve physical resilience and how it impacts the other domains.

9. Spiritual Resilience:Our purpose and core values drive our decisions daily.  Spiritual resilience is built when we connect to what we believe at our core.  This block focuses on the importance of self reflection and skills to build spiritual resilience.

10. Interpersonal Communication Skills: This course will give participants a strategy for conflict resolution.  Relationships build resilience, social skills are imperative for good health.

11. Good Listening and Active Constructive Responding: Building on our social skills and relationships this block addresses several ways that people communicate and give strategies to be a better responder.

12: Accomplishing Goals: This block enables instructors to walk through the goal setting process with a class. 

13. Additional Topics: The Power of Vulnerability, Facilition of Group Instruction, Push/Pull (Being ok with silence), Public Speaking Phobia (how to deal), Neuroscience and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)


Each Instructor Candidate will be required to complete a 30 minute teachback.  Feedback will be given to each instructor candidate after instruction to help all instructors improve. 



Course Prerequisites

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming course schedule dates
Date Time Instructor Location Room Name Room #
Jul 15, 19 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Alexis Schminke To Be Determined To Be Determined N/A View