8 hours

REQUIREMENT: Bring the TAC Handbook to class. The handbook can be located in the course module.

TAC course covers recently implemented database files and current changes in policy and procedures; audit; quality control; training issues; and a comprehensive overview of the TAC’s responsibilities.

Notify DPS/CRS of any changes in your agency’s TAC, Agency Administrator, address, email and telephone/fax numbers.

Ensure that the agency’s NCIC ORI or “QO” file is correct and up-to-date.

Ensure that the NCIC Operation Manual, NCIC Code Manual and all CR Newsletters are current, up-to-date and available to all operators and personnel with TCIC/NCIC access.

Ensure that all TLETS terminals are secure from unauthorized viewing and use.

Ensure that all department personnel that handle TCIC/NCIC information are fingerprinted and those fingerprints are submitted for state and national checks.

Ensure that all dispatchers, records, warrants, and investigative personnel and others accessing the TCIC/NCIC system or information derived from the system, are trained in the use of terminals as well as TCIC/NCIC policies and procedures.  Maintain TCIC/NCIC training records for TCIC/NCIC/FBI audits.

Ensure that all dispatchers/terminal operators are trained in the Hit/Confirmation procedures and ensure that all original warrants, theft reports, protective orders, and missing persons reports that support all TCIC/NCIC records are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Ensure that all department personnel are aware that TCIC/NCIC Computerized Criminal History (CCH) information is confidential and restrictions apply to the purposes for which it can be requested, persons authorized to request the information and how it may be disseminated.

Ensure that all TCIC/NCIC records are entered, removed and contain all available information in accordance with TCIC/NCIC policies and procedures.

Ensure that TCIC/NCIC records are validated correctly each month and the signed certification letter is returned to the Crime Records Service/TCIC Control Center by the due date.

Ensure that all quality control messages from TCIC/NCIC are reviewed and corrected as soon as possible.

Ensure that the agency had written policies regarding TCIC/NCIC related issues.

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