CID Raid Entry

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Front cover raid
36 hours

This Course will cover the following topics: Raid Entry procedures and planning, basic tactical firearms (M-4 and Handgun), breeching, tactical approaches, and an intro to vehicle containment. Students will also learn to manage and solve tactical problems in high-stress, simulated hostile situations through the use of Live Threat Engagement Training.

Students should be prepared to participate in multiple firearms and tactical related training cycles. Students should be sufficiently equipped and prepared to train in inclement weather, and understand that portions of this course will be physically demanding. Equipment Requirements: Students should bring a minimum of 600 rounds of practice rifle ammo, 500 rounds of pistol practice ammo, all body armor, helmets, holsters to include Concealment Holster, magazine pouches, spare rifle and pistol magazines, and web gear. Each student should also have at least one handheld flashlight, and numerous batteries necessary to keep all flashlights, EOTechs, weapon lights, and any other battery driven equipment operational throughout the course. Students should also bring eye and ear protection, and sufficient snacks and drinks to remain hydrated throughout each training day.

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Jun 24, 19 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Jacinto Gutierrez Jr Texas Department of Public Safety, Tactical Training Center 204 Classroom View