Managing Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain
2 hours

This course is designed to increase understanding of acute vs. chronic pain as well as knowledge about different pain theories. This class will offer the student information about the Gate Control Theory of Pain as well as the Specificity Theory and the Neurotransmitter Theory. This class will go more in depth into the Pacing Strategy for managing pain and will enable the participant to utilize SMART goals in order to gain a greater understanding of establishing realistic goals for managing chronic pain.


1. Define either verbally or in writing the terms “acute” and “chronic” and differentiate between acute vs. chronic pain.

2. Recall the names of the different chronic pain theories.

3. Explain the Gate Control Theory of Pain

4. Develop realistic goals that can help manage pain more effectively as evidenced by a written SMART goal with regard to pain management.

5.  List at least three resources for chronic pain management.

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