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78 hours

Week One - pertains specficially to the investigation of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. The student is exposed to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and this is presented without and emphasis on enforcement but rather to inform the student of what responsibilities the driver and carrier have in the operation of a commercial motor vehicle.  The student will be provided with a hands on oppurtunity to inspect a commercial motor vehicle and gather required information that would aid in the reconstruction of a commercial vehicle involved crash. The student will learn how to determine the level of efficiency achieved by brake systems.

Week Two - the student will be exposed to Crush, Crash Data Retrieval systems, Search Warrants, Bicycle and Pedestrain Crashes, Reconstruction Protocol, Case Studies and learn how to complete a crash reconstruction.

Advanced Crash Reconstruction Level IV is a comprehensive crash reconstruction course that builds on the crash investigators reconstruction abilities, and requires the completion of Levels 1 thru 3 Advanced Crash Reconstruction for the investigator to be eligible for the course.


Attending Students will need to bring thier Level III Crash Reconstruction notebook, Calculator, clothes suitable for CMV inspection, gloves.

Course Prerequisites

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