Executive Update

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8 hours

The Executive Update course is a one-day tactical training update for executives, staff, and command. The following ETR units will provide instructional resources and skills demonstration: Emergency Vehicle Operation Center (EVOC), Arrest, Control and Tactics (ACT), Firearms, and Reality Based Training (RBT). Each unit will have a 2-hour block to present, demonstrate, and evaluate skills. The following is a list of training included in the course:


  • Orientation and safety brief
  • J-Turns
  • Pit / Blocking / Counter Pit / Close proximity


  • Guard control
  • Guard escape (suspect’s guard)
  • Guard escape (officer’s guard)
  • Mount control / Trap and Roll


  • Vehicle Close Quarter Battle (VCQB) Ballistic and Tactics
  • Vehicle ballistic demonstration (pillars, doors, windows)
  • VCQB drills


  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) presentation
  • TECC basic anatomy / Direct Threat / Indirect Threat
  • Assessment / Pressure points / Tourniquets

The students should wear comfortable clothing that will allow them to squat, crouch down, kneel, and roll on the ground. Long sleeves is preferred for the firearms portion since the training may have glass dust and rough edges. Firearms requests the students utilize their issued DPS handgun, three magazines, and everyday working holster system. Firearms Training Unit stated that non-commissioned can bring their personal handguns, but limitations may keep them from running drills (i.e. holster location and frangible ammo availability). 

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