40 hours

This Basic Instructor Certification is designed to provide the basic concepts of instruction and to increase the quality of professional training. BIC introduces you to the teaching-learning process, phases of the teaching-learning process, factors affecting learning, needs assessment, task analysis, developing learning objectives, preparing a lesson plan, and methods of instruction. You will learn how to develop and use instructional media to enhance your presentations. In addition, the fundamental techniques of developing testing and evaluation procedures. You must demonstrate the basic knowledge and skills required to effectively instruct a lesson through (1) self-introduction exercise, (1) extemporaneous (impromptu) student teaching exercise and (2) prepared student teaching exercises. Each of which will be evaluated by not less than (2) qualified instructors.

After achieving successful completion of the course and if applicable, you will receive (40) hours of TCOLE training credit. (See pre-requisites)

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