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46 hours

Covert Operations and Procedures School is designed to introduce the new Special Agent to the basics of working in an undercover capacity in a variety of different investigations. Students will be taught, through both classroom lecture and practical exercises, how to develop a case and gain valuable intelligence on a criminal organization through the use of undercover officers. Students should be prepared for long challenging days and to think outside the box with this investigative tool of undercover work. 


The students will be able to articulate Departmental policies and procedures when establishing informants, utilizing impress funds and acting in an undercover capacity during criminal investigations.

Through instructor led scenarios presented in a controlled environment, the student will demonstrate the language; equipment used, and take proper actions during the scenarios.

Students will be able to recognize common tactics, techniques used by the criminal culture and work through problems encountered during undercover work through practical exercises.

Students will demonstrate the ability to maintain officer safety while conducting undercover operations.




Course Prerequisites

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Dec 02, 19 8:00 am - 5:00 pm N/A Embassy Suites San Antonio Brooks Embassy Suites San Antonio Conference room View