Msr houston
8 hours

MSR Houston's Driving Program is committed to maximizing drivers' skills to maximize their safety, bringing their skill level up to that of the car so they can be in safe in all situations they may encounter.
In our TCOLE-approved Law Enforcement Driving Safety School, our focus is on control and predsion driving. Officers are taught to handle their cruisers in both low and high speed situations, in wet and dry conditions.
We prefer to keep the classes to around 12-16 officers allowing for maximum attention from our instructors. If an officer needs a little extra time at one stage or another, we can dedicate an instructor to give some additional help.
Our schools are designed to be specialized for each department. We provide the basic curriculum and add on additional departmental requirements. One example of this is instructing the officers to drive at 80% of their ability, but not to exceed 80% of the car's performance level.


The student will be able to discuss or list the agencies objectives

The student will be able to discuss and list attributes associated with vehicle dynamics, car control, braking and vision.

The student will master the skid pad by understanding the car goes where you look under all circumstances, wet or dry.

The student will master the autocross by practically applying the classroom material at lower speeds, allowing them to maximize their potential at higher speeds.

The student will be able to explain proper car placement and braking points

The student will be able to drive the course at speed, fully understanding the importance of the objectives taught in previous sessions.


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