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4 hours

This course covers all the important features of Access 2016 and demonstrates how to use them. The beginner course is designed so that even if you've never so much as opened the program before, you can learn how to use it like a pro or is a great refresher. Once you cover the basics, you can move on to intermediate course. If you've used Access before, perhaps previous versions, the beginner module will be a refresher and introduce you to some of the updates you'll encounter in the Microsoft Access 2016.

You'll learn:

· All about databases and how they work

· An understanding of how Access works to make even its complex inner workings seem simple

· How to navigate Access

· How to create tables, forms, reports, and queries

· How to enter criteria into your data

· How to form expressions and create functions

· How to customize the appearance of forms and reports

· How to use Access for home-record keeping or for a business

And much, much more.

If you're not familiar with Access 2016, it can be overwhelming. The program is large and navigating it without any help or experience can seem impossible. This course takes its time and shows you around Access. We'll break everything down into small chunks so that Access 2016 is just as easy for the beginner to use as it is someone who's been using it for years. With step-by-step written directions and screenshots, you'll have no problems learning this program! And if you've used Access before, don't worry. We have plenty of updates to show you – and a few more things to teach you as well. So join us today!

Course Prerequisites