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Customer Support: mytrain@dps.texas.gov / (512) 424-7214

MyTRAIN Division Points of Contact

Division Administrators: The Division Administrator is appointed by the Division Director or the Division Director’s designee of each division of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Division Administrator is the division’s point of contact for the MyTRAIN Learning Content Management System and has oversight responsibilities of the division activities within the system. Choose "read more" to see the list of names.

Administration Division:  Lindsey Wilson

Aviation Operations Division:  Glen Stafford

Criminal  Investigation Division: David Dixon

Driver License Division: Vacant

Education, Training and Research Division - Progressive Leadership: Lt. Lynn Floyd

Education, Training and Research Division - In-Service/Out of Agency Training: Lt. Kelly Wilkison

Education, Training and Research Division - Emergency Vehicle Operations Center: April Blackmon

Education, Training and Research Division - Firing Range: April Blackmon

Intelligence and Counterterrorism - Brad Schamber

Law Enforcement Support Division - Communications: Arturo Requenez

Law Enforcement Support Division - Crime Records: Matthew Foster

Law Enforcement Support Division - Crime Lab: Paul Calderon

Law Enforcement Support Division - Crime Lab: Alice Amilhat

Regulatory Services Division: Javier Lopez-Schulze

Texas Highway Patrol: Lt. T.J. Wood

Texas Ranger Division: Troy Wilson/Star Riddle

MyTRAIN System Administrator

Education, Training and Research Division: Lisa Strawn

Our Mission is to Protect and Serve Texas. 
We will proactively protect the citizens of Texas in an ever changing threat environment while always remaining faithful to the U.S. and State Constitution.

  • Core Values:
    1. Integrity: We demonstrate through our actions honesty, fairness and respect for others in our professional and personal lives
    2. Excellence: We strive to be outstanding in everything we do and we never settle for less
    3. Accountability: We seek and accept responsibility for our actions, performance and results
    4. Teamwork: We work closely with other agencies to achieve common objectives
  • Motto: 
    Courtesy, Service, Protection
  • Goals: 
    1. Combat Crime and Terrorism
    2. Enhance Highway and Public Safety
    3. Enhance Statewide Emergency Management
    4. Enhance Public Safety Licensing and Regulatory Services

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360 Degree Leadership


- 8 hours -

5 Levels of Leadership


- 8 hours -

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- 4 hours -

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- 3 hours -

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- 2 hours -
Patrol/Tactical/VehicleReality Based Training

Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR)


- 16 hours -
Patrol/Tactical/VehicleSpecial Operations and EducationReality Based TrainingContinuing Education

Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR) T3


- 40 hours -
Interpersonal SkillsProfessional Development

Active Listening


- 4 hours -
Licensing/CertificationContinuing EducationProfessional Development

Advanced Instructor Course


- 40 hours -

Advanced M-4_CID


- 16 hours -