Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forgot my password?

It is simple to create a new password by clicking the following password recovery link. You will be prompted to input your email, and subsequently emailed a link to reset your password. You can also hit the "Forgot Password" link from the login page.
Reset password

I forgot to print my certificate; can I go back and access it later?

Yes, you can access your certificate of completion anytime by going to your profile (My courses) and clicking the "Certificate" link next to the completed course. You can also view all certificates in the "Earned certificates" tab.

Course modules will not load, what should I do?

Many courses have flash components so the first thing to do is make sure you have flash installed. If you are using the Safari Web Browser you will have to download this plugin from Adobe. Chrome should have it by default.

Another thing to try is to access the course via a different browser

Can I take my online courses from MyTRAIN now?

Yes. You no longer have to go to DPSnet to take your DPS online courses. After you finish your course don't forget to finalize your course by completing your course evaluation. When your evaluation is completed you will be able to access your certificate and if applicable, your TCOLE training credit will be uploaded automatically.

What is the QR Code?

Every user in MyTRAIN has a QR Code. An Instructor (at their request) can be provided an Application that allows them to scan learner's attendance at the beginning and end of each day of class. This automates attendance and removes the need for a paper signature roster.

How do I report my Out of Agency Training?

Go to your Transcripts. Upload a completed ETR-32 (located on DPSnet Forms) with all supporting documents (detailed on ETR-32). After you submit the ETR-32 and supporting documents, your supervisor will be notified for approval. After receiving supervisor approval, ETR will approve and upload to TCOLE if applicable.

How do I enroll one of my employees in a course?

At the supervisor’s dashboard: Click on direct report’s name At direct report’s dashboard, go to top of screen, click on “Enrollments” Click on “Edit Enrollments” Click on “Add Course” Click on “Select One” Select Course/Schedule Save

How do I approve an employee request?

Click on your name at the top right of your Dashboard. A drop down box will appear. Click on Pending Approvals. If you are approving an enrollment request, the employee will be auto enrolled in the scheduled course and receive an email advising of the approval and enrollment. If you are rejecting an enrollment request, the employee will receive an email advising of the rejection for enrollment. All other requests are managed in the same manner.

I'm an Instructor. Where can I receive a guide about adding and scheduling courses?

To receive a MyTRAIN Course/Scheduling guide, you will first need to be an approved Instructor, Training Coordinator or Division Administrator. Email to receive your guide. The guide will then be uploaded into Documents on your Dashboard.

How can I or my Training Unit receive additional training on the use of the MyTRAIN application?

To submit a special training session, you will need to be a Training Coordinator or Division Administrator. All Training Coordinators should submit a request to their Division Administrators to schedule special training sessions. Only the Division Administrator can request the assistance of the System Administrator to assist with special training sessions.

How do I access and complete my Instructor Bio to become an approved Instructor?

Notify your Training Coordinator, Lead Instructor or Division Administrator that you need to complete your instructor bio in MyTRAIN. After confirming your credentials, they will need to submit an email request to initiate your bio. Upon receipt of the approval, you will receive a personal email with instructions on how to access and complete you Bio. After you have submitted your bio for approval, you will be notified by email of approval or rejection.

I'm an Instructor. Are there any tips for completing and submitting my Bio for approval?

Here are a few tips to help you with completing and submitting your Instructor Bio for approval. 1. All fields should be completed. If the field is not applicable enter N/A. If the information is unknown enter UNK. 2. Missing detail in the subject expertise areas is often incomplete or missing. Subject Expertise detail should include extensive supportive detail about your credentials and qualifications as a subject matter expert in the field of instruction indicated as an approved instructor. Don't scrimp here. Be as thorough as you possibly can. Detail should include skills, proficiencies and knowledge as related to expertise in the field of instruction beyond attending certification or attendance in train the trainer. 3. Missing bio instructor background is another area that is often ignored or not correctly filled in. Your background summary should include a brief (approximately one paragraph minimum) of your skills and abilities as a qualified instructor. It is best to stay away from verbiage such as “I’ve been employed with DPS for 10 years.” More along the lines of, “Throughout my extensive employment with DPS I have had many opportunities……..” or “My military career has provided me with……….” Your students will read about your background when enrolling in your courses. Basically, what do you want them to know about you. How do you want yourself introduced to them? 4. Be sure to provide sufficient employment. Usually about a minimum of 10 years is acceptable. 5. If you plan on just updating and returning to complete, click on Create or Update. If you are ready to submit for approval, click on Save and Submit. Remember, only approved Instructors can be scheduled to teach approved courses. If you are unsure about your Bio or about the courses you are approved to teach, contact your Training Coordinator or Lead Instructors. Good Luck!

I've completed a course and can't see class credit for the students in TCOLE, what do I need to do next?


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